I’ve always thought of jewelry as the most important component to any outfit. Wearing different designs always modifies and completes the look for many purposes. Sometimes a statement necklace enhances a plain suit or an evening dress while hoop earrings give just the right look to simple t-shirt and jeans.

I was born to immigrant parents from India. My mother is a physician and my father an engineer. I was taught at a very early age to work hard and to believe in yourself. Growing up in major metropolitan cities like Manhattan and Philadelphia, was the start of my passion for fashion. I used to dream about designing anything like clothing and jewelry. I doodled all day in school and even on my mother’s medical books!

Because of my intense upbringing, I had to leave my passion behind to pursue a different career path. I went to Temple University and majored in advertising with a minor in public relations. It was a great learning experience for me and was successful.

Then I met the man of my dreams, moved to California, and had God-given two children. It was during these years my passion began to take hold and I started designing again. I taught myself how to put pieces together, watched videos and learned from experts in the field. Life came full circle when I sold my first collection to a high-end boutique in Los Angeles. Then slowly but surely the orders were coming in from boutiques and catalogs. It was then I felt like I had something to offer…. something unique.

All of my collections are handcrafted and hand wired with detail. I use fine materials such as semi-precious stones, 18kt-24kt gold plated pendants and wire, and natural stone pendants.

I design all the time which has become a “healthy addiction” of mine. This allows me to keep my collections fresh and on trend to current looks. Staying relevant in today’s fashion forward world is paramount. In essence, I produce a few pieces of each style to ensure that my customers wear beautiful and elegant pieces that are not being widely produced.

Thank you for visiting my store and hope that you have an amazing experience. I promise to keep it special and beautiful for your shopping experience.

For wholesale buyers, please contact me for your requests.

Shabana Khan